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Wooden Giant Ships Game w/Carry Bag

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Giant Ships 

20mm Varnished Plywood Board
126x60x60 when unfolded
63x60x6 when folded
5 Ships Each Player
34 Red and 166 White pins
Two Vanished wooden Boxes for Pins.
Rules Included.

Ages: 6yrs+

Giant Ships do you sink or sail. This wooden game is perfect for any age. Can even be turned into a drinking game for those old enough to drink.
Giant Ships is easiest described as a guessing game for two people but can also be played in two groups.
Each Player has 5 battle ships that will be placed on the board. Both teams are concealed from seeing the others placement. It is now up to each team /player to call out coordinates to try and sink each ship eg A5. When a ship is hit the player who’s ship is hit must speak out saying HIT. If the player misses the player who’s ship is safe must say MISS. With each turn there is white and red markers. WHITE for every miss and RED for every hit. This allows flow of the game and means each player does not repeat a call. The game continues until one player has capsize all of their opponents ships.

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